What If I Can't Find What I Need

We continue to update our web site regularly which means that sometimes products may change from those advertised, we also only show the most popular tools and equipment for hiring online. However, we do supply a huge range of equipment and tools. Simply call us at 08450 731 099 or request a callback and one of our advisors will be happy to help you locate the right tool or equipment for your needs.

Can I Extend my Hire Period?

If you know exactly how long you will need the equipment, then you can pay now by credit card for the full amount - including our discount for longer term hires if it applies. If you find that the project lasts longer than you anticipated, simply call us before we are due to collect and we'll be glad to tell you how to extend the hire period for as long as you think you'll need it. If you are unsure how long you will need your equipment for and you are a regular hirer, then you can open a monthly account and we'll arrange a monthly payment with you. With this plan you simply keep the equipment for as long as you need it and then just give us a call for it to be collected. As long as you have it, you will pay our weekly rate. If your requirements are more complex or you wish to negotiate with us over larger orders, please call our account team or request a callback online. We'll be glad to discuss your needs in detail with you.

Where Can I Get More Detailed Advice?

If you don't feel confident enough to order your equipment online or you feel that you would prefer some expert input, simply call us. You can also choose to use our contact page to request a call back or drop us an email. One of our staff members will be more than happy to talk through your options with you.

What Happens If My Product Breaks Down?

Although we keep our equipment reconditioned and checked as rigorously as possible, it's always possible that malfunctions can occur. If they do, we will be glad to replace the item on the same day. Call our helpline on 08450 731098 for assistance or advice immediately when you discover the problem as failure to do so may result in a refusal to credit hire charges.

How Long Will it Take to Deliver?

Equipment is normally delivered within 24 hours or in the AM or PM of the date requested. For an urgent situation we would encourage you to use our express same day delivery service. We will let you know if we are able to deliver the same day at the time you place the order. Simply place your order online or call our order help line to find out more information.

What if I am unavailable on the collection date?

Simply give us a call and we will reschedule. However, if this involves extending the original hire period then you will continue to be charged at our weekly rate. Any additional costs will be charged to your credit card.

What happens if a Product is Out of Stock?

If a product that you have requested is out of stock, we will initially call you back to let you know. Our fully integrated order tracking systems mean that we will be able to give you an alternative date for delivery or suggest an alternative product.

Are There Any Extra Charges?

All of the prices quoted on our website are exclusive of VAT. When you get to the hiring stage you will see the VAT displayed as a separate total for your records. Delivery and collection for small items within normal working hours is charged at a mere £10. Depending on the size, weight, and expected loading and unloading time, other items may incur a higher delivery rate. Prices will be shown at the ordering stage. Delivery and collection will be considered as to and from your doorstep. Additional charges may be made if any further movement is required. This should be discussed at the time of order. If the item being delivered is larger or requires special delivery, we will tell you at the time the order is placed. Please note that if you are unavailable on the agreed collection date to release the goods or if you extend the original hire period then additional charges will be applied. Any surcharges will be charged to your preferred method of payment.

How Do I Return the Product When I'm Finished with It?

If you are paying by credit card then we will agree on the collection date with you at the time of order. If you choose to open an account, simply pick up the phone and give us a call when you have finished with the goods and arrange a time for the collection.

What happens if I Damage Something I've hired?

Accidental damage can happen to the most well-intentioned person. However, someone has to help cover the costs of repair. In the unlikely event that we have to make a charge to you for such damage it may be worth checking with your own insurance company to find out if you are covered for the damages. With some very expensive items we may ask to see a copy of your insurance policy to confirm that you are fully covered for loss, damage, and theft. We may also ask for details of your storage area and if it's adequately secured.