Building & Sitework

Browse our site for a variety of tools for hire for your building and site work. Hire the building and site work equipment that you need to complete your building or site work .for a price that is affordable. There is such a variety of tools that you are sure to find what you need.

At Simple Tool Hire we have damp proof injection pumps that can be used to prevent dampness in bricks and stonewalls. The detection products we carry are cable avoiding tools, signal generators, and even a transponder mouse- everything you need for detection.

We carry a variety of site equipment including mini diggers/excavators, augers, nose breakers, and even excavator trailers.

We have a complete range of fencing and barriers for your site work. We carry crowd control barriers, temporary fence panels, site screens, and probarrier systems. We carry all of the fences that you will need for your site work.