Jigsaw Electric

  • Adjustable base angles
  • Suitable for cutting worktops
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JS - 350085 Jigsaw Electric £8.40 £11.20 £11.20 £14.00
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Product Tip

Extensive range of blades available on a sale or return basis
Dust control available
Can be supplied in either 110v or 240v with a domestic plug for use in the home.
Should you prefer to order in 110v, you will require a transformer which could be supplie

Description & specification

Cutting depth wood/plastic ( maximum ) 85mm
Cutting depth metal ( maximum ) 20mm
Cutting depth steel ( maximum ) 10mm
Input wattage 580w 110/240v
Weight 2.5kg

Additional Item(s)

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LEAD11016 Extension lead 110Volt - 16Amp £2.40 £3.20 £3.20 £4.00 Add to Cart


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