Electric Cold Water pressure Washer

  • Extremely powerful
  • Mobile
  • Easy to set up
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PWCE Electric Cold Water pressure Washer £61.80 £82.40 £75.00 £103.00
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Product Tip

Just connect a garden hose, plug in and pull the trigger
Adjustable spray nozzle to give wide spray doen to pencil jets
As this is a 110v industrial tool you will have to order a transformer (special price when hired with another tool) and a 110v extension lead if required.

Description & specification

Operating pressure 100bar - 1500psi
Pray output 11 litres per minute
Voltage 240v/110v

Additional Item(s)

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TRAN3 Portable Transformer 3Kva £4.80 £6.40 £6.40 £8.00 Add to Cart
LEAD11016 Extension lead 110Volt - 16Amp £2.40 £3.20 £3.20 £4.00 Add to Cart
LEAD24016 Extension Lead 240Volt - 16Amp £3.30 £4.40 £4.40 £5.50 Add to Cart


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SKIT2 Safety Kit 2 - Goggles, Face Mask, Gloves, Ear Plugs £8.25 Add to Cart
TFR Traffic Film Remover 1Ltre £4.00 Add to Cart
TFC Traffic Film Cleaner 1Ltre £4.00 Add to Cart