Avalanche Indoor Unit

  • These machines are ideal for areas such as server rooms and other offices which need powerfull cooling but there are problems with venting the hot air. The "cool" end is placed in the room wher the cooling is required,. Ther are 2 hoses (lines) which connect to an external unit which discharges the hot air produced. These hoses can be up to 30 metres long. They can be fed through small window or door openings or through holes drilled through the walls if required.
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SPLIT3 Avalanche Indoor Unit - - - £319.00
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Product Tip

Unlike Normal Portable air conditioning which can only be used if there is access to either a window or open vent , these units give the option of being able to be used for a room by drilling a small hole in the wall. There must be somewhere for the hot air to be discharged with 30 metres from cool end.

Description & specification

Cooling Capacity 6.7kw / 2300o Btu / hr

Weight 86kg

Dimensions 103H x 82W x 36D cm

Suitable area 55 Sq Metres

Operating Range 10-35 degrees C

Noise Rating 49dba

Hose length Up to 30m

Hose diameter 50mm

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