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Product Name Model
100mm Angle Grinder - Electric  A4 - 210005 
115mm Angle Grinder - Electric  AG4.5 - 210010 
125mm Angle Grinder - Electric  A5 - 210015 
21Kva Generator Road Tow  G20U 
230mm Angle Grinder - Electric  A9 - 210025 
240v Steam Wallpaper Stripper  WS240 
3.5M Temporay Mesh Fencing Panel  HERAS 
500W Floodlight on Tripod  LIGHTFLOOD 
Adjustable Props - Size 0  PROP0 
Adjustable Props - Size 1  PROP1 
Adjustable Props - Size 2  PROP2 
Adjustable Props - Size 3  PROP3 
Adjustable Props - Size 4  PROP4 
Air Conditioning Unit - Large  AIR4 
Air Conditioning Unit - Medium  AIR2 
Air Conditioning Unit - Small  AIR1 
Airless Sprayer Large  ASULARGE 
Alloy Step Ladder  LBS 
Alloy Step Ladder - 10Tread  LBS10 - 10275 
Alloy Step Ladder - 6Tread  LBS - 10265 
Alloy Step Ladder - 8Tread  LBS8 -10220 
Aluminium Trestle 1.8m  LDT18 - 10180 
Angle Drill Electric  DRILLANG 
Avalanche Indoor Unit  SPLIT3 
Bandsaw Electric  BANSAW - 350100 
Belt Sander Electric - 100mm  SANDERBELT 
Biscuit Jointer  BJ - 350130 
Block Splitter - Hydraulic  SLASPL - 210185 
Block Splitter - Manual  BSMAN - 210180 
Boom Lift 26' / 8.0 M, Electric, Mast  BL26E 
Boom Lift 30' / 9.0 M, Electric, Articulating  BL30E 
Boom Lift 34' / 10.0 M, Bi-Energy, Articulating  BL33BI 
Boom Lift 45' / 13.5 M, Bi-Energy, Articulating  BL40BI 
Boom Lift 45' / 13.5 M, Bi-Energy, Articulating  BL45BN 
Boom Lift 45' / 13.5 M, Diesel, Articulating  BL45D 
Boom Lift 45' / 13.5 M, Diesel, Telescopic  BL45DT 
Boom Lift 45' / 13.5 M, Electric, Articulating  BL45E 
Boom Lift 60' / 18.3 M, Diesel, Articulating  BL60D 
Boom Lift 65' / 19.0 M, Diesel, Telescopic  BL65D 
Boom Lift 85' / 25.7 M, Diesel, Telescopic  BL85D 
Box Heater Lpg Propane  BOXH 
Broaching Cutter Large  DRILLMAG 
Broaching Cutter Small  DMSD 
Builders Steel Trestles  LHT 
Builders Steel Trestles - Size 1  LHT-01-10005 
Builders Steel Trestles - Size 2  LHT-02-10005 
Builders Steel Trestles - Size 3  LHT-03-10005 
Building Dehumidifier Heavy Duty  DEHUMH 
Building Dehumidifier Medium  DEHUMM 
Cable Avoiding Tool  CATUSCAN 
Carpet Cleaner - Domestic  CARDOM 
Carpet Cleaner - Upright  CARPOW 
Cartridge Hammer Gun  DX450 
Catalytic Cabinet Heater  CH16000 
Chop Saw Electric  CHOSAW - 220010 
Chop Saw Electric TCT  TCTSAW - 220015 
Circular Saw Electric 165mm  350035 
Circular Saw Electric 190mm  CC190-350040 
Circular Saw Electric 190mm  CC190-350040 
Circular Saw Electric 235mm  CC230 - 350045 
Circular Saw Electric 235mm  CC230 - 350045 
Climate Control Unit  AIR5 
Combi Ladder  CL 
Combi Ladder 1.9m - 4.1m  CL-1 - 10289 
Combi Ladder 2.5m - 4.12m  CL - 10290 
Combi Ladder 3.5m - 6.09  CL-3 - 10300 
Commercial Air Conditioning Unit  AIR4PLUS 
Concrete Mixer 4/3 110V  MIX43E 
Concrete Mixer 4/3 240V  MIX43E 
Concrete Mixer 4/3 Petrol  MIX43P 
Concrete Mixer 5/3 Diesel  MIX53D 
Contractalite  LIGHTCONL 
Cordless Combi Drill  CDSCRE 
Cordless Driver/Drill  CDSCRE 
Cordless Hammer Drill 18/24Volt  CRHD 
Cordless Hammer Drill 36V  DRILLSDS36V 
Cross Cut Saw Bench 110V Electric  BENSHAW - 350010 
Crowd Control Barrier 2.3m  BARC 
Crowd Control Barrier 2.3m - Event   
Cut Off Saw Floor Trolley  PCSTRO - 210075 
Damp Proof Injection Pump  DPIS 
DD-EC1 Diamond Drill  DDEC1 
Diamond Drill & Stand 150mm  DDRMD 
Diamond Drill & Stand 250mm  DDRHD 
Diamond Drill - Medium Duty  DDHH 
Diamond Floor Grinder  FGDIA 
Diamond Tile Cutter  FTC110 - 210140 
Diesel Diaphragm Pump 75mm  CFP75 
Door Trimming Saw Electric  DTS - 350060 
Double Bevel Compound Saw  DBMS - 350026 
Double Bevel Compound Saw  DBMS - 350026 
Drieaze Dehumidifier 1200  DEHUM12 
Drill Rig Stand - Medium Duty  NA 
Dry Diamond Drill - Light Duty  DRILLDIAHH 
Dry Vacuum Cleaner  VACS 
Drywall Sanding Kit  DWSK 
Dust Extraction Unit - Heavy Duty  DEUHD 
Dust Unit - Cut Off Saw  DSK - 210070 
EC55 Indirect Diesel Heater  JUMBOSMALL 
EC85 Indirect Diesel Heater  JUMBOMEDIUM 
Electric Cold Washer  PWCEL 
Electric Cold Water pressure Washer  PWCE 
Electric Combination Hammer - Heavy Duty  BREAKDRIL8 
Electric Cut Off Saw - 300mm  A12 - 210050 
Electric Demolition Hammer  BREAK6 
Electric Hot Water Pressure Washer  PWH 
Electric Poker Drive Unit  PVE39 
Engine Driven Diesel Cold Water Pressure Washer  PWCD 
Engine Driven Petrol Cold Water Pressure Washer  PWCP 
Excavator Auger Drive  110022 
Excavator Nose Breaker  CEXCBA-110021 
Extension Forks SLA  GEXFOR - 360045 
Extension Lead 110volt - 32amp  LEAD11032 
Extension Lead 240Volt - 13Amp  LEAD24013 
Fan Heater 3Phase  FANHEATIND 
Festoon Lights  LIGHTFES 
Fibreglass Stepladder  LBSF 
Fibreglass Stepladder 10Tread  LBSF10 - 10250 
Fibreglass Stepladder 6Tread  LBSF6 - 10240 
Fibreglass Stepladder 8Tread  LBSF8 - 10245 
Flip Over Saw Bench 110V Electric  FLIPSAW - 350005 
Flip Over Saw Bench 110V Electric  FLIPSAW - 350005 
Floor Edging Sander  SANDEREDGE 
Floor Grinder Electric  CFGE 
Floor Grinder Petrol  CFGD 
Floor Nailer / Portanailer  SECNAI 
Floor Planer Electric  FPLE 
Floor Planer Petrol  FLOPLAN 
Floor Sander  SANDERFLOOR 
Floor Saw Petrol - 350mm  FLOSAW350 - 130005 
Floor Saw Petrol - 450mm  FLOSAW450 - 130010 
Floor Scrubber / Polisher  VSP 
Floor Scrubber/Dryer  SDI 
Floor Tile Lifter - Heavy Duty  STRIPH 
Floor Tile Lifter - Medium Duty  STRIPM 
Fluorescent Uplight Including Base 110v  LIGHWOB 
Folding Work Platform  TOWFOL 
Forced Action Resin Mixer  FAM 
Full Body Safety Harness  HARNESS 
Fume Extractor - Large  FEU 
Fume Extractor - Small  FEUS 
Gas Compound  GASCAGE 
General Purpose Saw  ALISAW - 350105 
General Purpose Saw  ALISAW - 350105 
Genie Superlift SL10  MMH10 -200006 
Genie Superlift SL15  MMH15 - 200008 
Genie Superlift SL25  MMH25 - 200010 
Halogen Heater 10,000Btu  IRHHAL 
Hand Held Diamond Planer  PLANDIAHH 
Handrail System  HR 
Handrail System 2.4M  HR24 -010105 
Handrail System 3.0M  HR30 - 10110 
Handrail System 3.6M  HR36 - 10115 
Handrail System 4.2M  HR42 -10120 
Handrail System 4.8M  HR48 - 10125 
Handrail System 5.4M  HR54 - 10130 
Handrail System 6.0M  HR60 - 10135 
Handrail System 7.2M  HR72 - 010145 
Heavy Duty Demolition Hammer  BREAK11 
Hydraulic Breaker Petrol Unit  BREAK63HYD 
Industrial Fan Heater Electric  FANHEATIND 
Industrial Fan Large  FANWP 
Infra Red Radiant Heater  IRH2BAR 
Jigsaw Electric  JS - 350085 
Jumbo 115 Indirect Heater  JUMBOLARGE 
Junction Box  JB110V4 
Ladder Double Extension  LLD 
Ladder Double Push Up - 3.6m to 6.27m  LLD35 - 10355 
Ladder Double Push Up - 3.0m to 5.1m  LLD-010350 
Ladder Double Push Up - 4.2m to 7.4m  LLD43 - 10360 
Ladder Double Push Up - 4.8m to 8.6m  LLD5 - 10365 
Ladder Double Push Up - 5.4m to 9.0m  LLD53 - 10370 
Ladder Safety Foot / Stopper  LSF - 10412 
Ladder Stay  LSTY - 10410 
Ladder Triple Extension   
Ladder Triple Push Up - 2.4m to 5.6m  LLD6 - 10375 
Ladder Triple Push Up - 3m to 7.4m  LLT30 - 10380 
Ladder Triple Push UP- 3.6m to 9.1m  LLT35 - 10385 
Ladder Triple Rope Operated - 4.2m to 10.6m  LLT42 - 10390 
Laminate Trimmer Electric  LT - 350125 
Large Oil Fired Rocket Heater  RHOFL 
Large Rocket Heater Lpg 275,000 bTHu 73KW  FAH277 
Laser Level  LASERR 
Laser Level - Multi Directional  LASERG 
Lighting Mast 4 x 500w  LIGHTMAST4 
Masonry Sawbench El 350mm  210115 
Masonry Sawbench El 450mm  TBS - 210120 
Material Handling Equipment   
Medium Airless Spray Unit  ASUM 
Medium Rocket Heater Lpg 177,000bTHu 52KW  FAH177 
Metal Nibblers Electric  METNIBF - 220020 
Metal Profile Nibblers  METNIBP - 220030 
Metal Shears Electric  MCS - 220035 
Mini Digger / Mini Excavator 0.8T  DIG075 
Mini Digger / Mini Excavator 1.5T  DIG15T 
Mini Excavator Trailer  110020 
Mini Tower Lights  LTM 
Mitre Saw Electric  CCM - 350020 
Mobile Fire Alarm Point  FIRETR 
Nano 4.50 Power Tower  NANO 
Nano 4.50 SP + Power Tower  NANOSP+ 
Nano 4.50 SP Power Tower  NANOSP 
Offices Portable   
Oil Filled Radiator Electric  OILRAD 
Orbital Sander Electric  SANDERORB 
Pallet Truck Long Reach  PTRNHD - 360085 
Pallet Truck Narrow 2T  PTRN - 360075 
Pallet Truck Wide 2T  PTR - 360070 
Palm Sander Electric  SANDERP 
Paslode Cordless Stapler  PASFASS 
Paslode Finishing Nailer  PASFIN 
Paslode Framing Nailer  PASFRA 
Patio Heater  PATIO 
Peco Platform   
Percussion Drill 13mm  DRILLPERC 
Personnel Lift 30' / 9.0M  AWP30 - 240015 
Personnel Lift, Electric, Pusharound GR12  GR12 
Personnel Lift, Electric, Self Propelled GR15  GR15 
Personnel Lift, Electric, Self Propelled GR20  GR20 
Petrol Centrifugal Pump 50mm  CFP50 
Petrol Diaphragm Pump 50mm  DPD50 
Petrol Generator 3 to 4 Kva  G4 
Petrol Generator to 2.75Kva  G3 
Petrol Masonry Sawbench - 450mm  MSBP - 210130 
Petrol Poker Drive Unit  PVP 
Petrol Vibrating Roller - 550mm  RV 
Plasterer Light/Tripod  LIGHTPLAS 
Plate Compactor/Vibrating Plate 350mm  VP300 
Plate Compactor/Vibrating Plate 400mm  VP400 
Platform Truck  360140 
Podium Steps - 1.5m  PODL - 10213 
Podium Steps 0.9m - 1.25m  PODS - 10214 
Pop Up Low Level Access Platform  POP - 020003 
Pop Up Plus Low Level Platform  POP-020007 
Pop Up Push 8 Low Level Platform  PUSH8 
Portable Cut Off Saw 300mm  COS12 - 210055 
Portable Electric Compressor  AC15E 
Portable Petrol Compressor Petrol  AC15P 
Portable Steam Cleaner  SCM 
Portable Transformer 3Kva  TRAN3 
Portable Transformr 4-5kva  TRAN5 
Power Plane Electric  POWPLA - 350135 
Power Scraper Electric  BREAK3 
Power Scraper Electric  BREAK3 
Power Stirrer - Electric  MIXDRIL 
Power Tower  POWT 
Probarrier (Pedestrian) System  BARP 
Random Orbital Sander  OSR 
Raza Deck 200 Platform  RAZ 
RCD Power Breaker Domestic  RCDD 
RCD Power Breaker Industrial  RCDI 
Reciprocating Saw Electric  RECIPSAW - 350070 
Residue / Puddle Pump  PUDPUMP 
Road Breaker - Electric  BREAK32 
Roof Ladder - 4.9m  DRL4.6 
Roof Ladder - 5.9m  SRL5.9 
Router 6-13mm Collet  ROUTER - 350110 
Scaffold Board  SB 
Scaffold Board - 10ft  SB-YBA02 
Scaffold Board - 13ft  SB-YBA01 
Scaffold Board - 6ft  SB-YBA04 
Scaffold Board - 8ft  SB-YBA03 
Scissor Lift 19' / 5.8M, Electric  SL19E 
Scissor Lift 20' / 6.0M , Electric  SL20E 
Scissor Lift 26' / 8.0M (Narrow), Electric  SL26EN 
Scissor Lift 26' / 8.0M, Electric  SL26E 
Scissor Lift 32' / 10.0M, Electric  SL32E 
Scissor Lift 40' / 12.0M, Electric  SL40E 
Scissor Lift 50' / 15.0M, Electric  SL5E 
SDS Hammer Drill  DRILLSDS24 
SDS Hammer Drill Heavy Duty  DRILLSDS90 
Security Chest - Fuel  CHEMSTOR 
Signal Generator  CATGENNY 
Silenced Diesel Generator 6Kva  G6 
Silenced Generator D-15kva  G15U 
Silenced Generator D-8/10kva  G8SS 
Site Screen 2.2m (L) X 2m (H)  SS 
Site Transformer 10kva 1ph  T10 
Site Transformer 10kva 3ph  TRAN103 
Skip Hire and Waste Management   
Sliding Compound Mitre Saw  TRAS - 350025 
Slow Rotary Drill Heavy Duty  ROTDRIHD 
Small Oil Fired Rocket Heater  RHOFS 
Small Rocket Heater Lpg  FAH140 - 160080 
Staging Lightweight 450mm  LST 
Staging Lightweight 450mm - 3.0m  LST30 - 10025 
Staging Lightweight 450mm - 3.6m  LST36 - 10030 
Staging Lightweight 450mm - 4.2m  LST42 - 10035 
Staging Lightweight 450mm - 4.8m  LST48 - 10040 
Staging Lightweight 450mm - 5.4m  LST55 - 10045 
Staging Lightweight 450mm - 6.6m  LST6 - 10050 
Stairway Tower   
Stairway Tower 2.8m Platform  TOWSTA28 
Stairway Tower 4.3m Platform  TOWSTA43 
Stairway Tower 5.8m Platform  TOWSTA58 
Stairway Tower 7.3m Platform  TOWSTA73 
Staybill Trestle Guardrail  TREGUA-DTHS 
Steam and Vac Cleaner  SC 
Step up Transformers  SUT 
Submersible Pump 50mm  SUBP50 
Superboard 600mm  SUPBOR 
Superboard 600mm X 1.8m  SUPBOR18 
Superboard 600mm X 2.4m  SUPBOR24 
Superboard 600mm X 3.6m  SUPBOR36 - 10075 
Superboard 600mm X 4.8m  SUPBOR48 - 10085 
Superboard 600mm X 6.0m  SUPBOR6 - 10095 
TCT Circular Saw - Hand Held  TMCS - 220039 
Tek Screwdriver Electric  TEKSCR 
Telescopic Platform Steps 6Tread  SPS-010288 
Telescopic Platform Steps 9Tread  SPS-010286 
Theodolite  THEOD 
Toilets Portable   
Tool Vault - Large 4x4x2  VAULTL 
Tool Vault - Medium 4x3x2  VAULTM 
Tool Vault - Small 4x2x2  SITEBOX 
Tower Fibreglass Narrow Width Span  GNAL 
Tower Fibreglass Standard Width Span  GAL 
Tower GRP D/W Span Alum',2.2 mtr (3.2mtr inc Handrail)  TOW22DWGRP 
Tower GRP D/W Span Alum',3.2mtr (4.2mtr inc Handrail)  TOW32DWGRP 
Tower GRP D/W Span Alum',4.2mtr (5.2mtr inc Handrail)  TOW42DWGRP 
Tower GRP D/W Span Alum',5.2mtr (6.2mtr inc Handrail)  TOW52DWGRP 
Tower GRP D/W Span Alum',6.2mtr (7.2mtr inc Handrail)  TOW62DWGRP 
Tower GRP D/W Span Alum',7.2mtr (8.2mtr inc Handrail)  TOW72DWGRP 
Tower GRP D/W Span Alum',8.2mtr (9.2mtr inc Handrail)  TOW82DWGRP 
Tower GRP S/W Span Alum',2.2mtr (3.2mtr inc Handrail)  TOW22NWGRP 
Tower GRP S/W Span Alum',3.2mtr (4.2mtr inc Handrail)  TOW32NWGRP 
Tower GRP S/W Span Alum',4.2mtr (5.2mtr inc Handrail)  TOW42NWGRP 
Tower GRP S/W Span Alum',5.2mtr (6.2mtr inc Handrail)  TOW52NWGRP 
Tower GRP S/W Span Alum',6.2mtr(7.2mtr inc Handrail)  TOW62NWGRP 
Tower GRP S/W Span Alum',7.2mtr(8.2mtr inc Handrail)  TOW72NWGRP 
Tower GRP S/W Span Alum',8.2mtr (9.2mtr inc Handrail)  TOW82NWSTD 
Tower Narrow Span Alum',7.2 mtr (8.2mtr inc Handrail)  TOW72NW 
Tower Narrow Span Alloy - FROM £4.00 PER DAY   
Tower Narrow Span Alum',2.2mtr (3.2mtr inc Handrail)  TOW22NW 
Tower Narrow Span Alum',3.2 mtr (4.2mtr inc Handrail)  TOW32NW 
Tower Narrow Span Alum',4.2mtr (5.2mtr inc Handrail)  TOW42NW 
Tower Narrow Span Alum',6.2mtr(7.2mtr inc Handrail)  TOW62NW 
Tower Narrow Span Alum',8.2 mtr (9.2mtr inc Handrail)  TOW82NW 
Tower Narrow Span Alum',9.2mtr (10.2mtr inc Handrail)  TOW92NW 
Tower Narrow Span, Alum',5.2 mtr (6.2mtr inc Handrail)  TOW52NW 
Tower Standard Span Alloy - FROM £4.00 PER DAY  AL 
Tower Std Span Alum' 5.2 mtr (6.2mtr inc Handrail)  TOW52DW 
Tower Std Span Alum' 6.2 mtr (7.2mtr inc Handrail)  TOW62DW 
Tower Std Span Alum', 3.2 mtr (4.2mtr inc Handrail)  TOW32DW 
Tower Std Span Alum',10.2 mtr (11.2mtr inc handrail)  TOW102DW 
Tower Std Span Alum',4.2 mtr (5.2mtr inc Handrail)  TOW42DW 
Tower Std Span Alum',7.2 mtr (8.2mtr inc Handrail)  TOW72DW 
Tower Std Span Alum',8.2 mtr (9.2mtr inc Handrail)  TOW82DW 
Tower Std Span Alum',9.2 mtr (10.2mtr inc Handrail)  TOW92DW 
Tower Std Span Alum,2.2 mtr (3.2mtr inc Handrail)  TOW22DW 
Transponder Mouse  TMOUSE 
Trash Pump Petrol 75mm  PTP 
Trench Strut Size 0 - 1'-1'6in  PROPTREN0 
Trench Strut Size 1 - 1'6in-2'3in  PROPTREN1 
Trench Strut Size 2 - 2'3in -3'7in  PROPTREN2 
Trench Strut Size 3 - 3'4in-5'6in  PROPTREN3 
Turbo Carpet/Floor Dryer  FCD 
Turntable Truck Pn\'c Tyre  360130 
Turntable Truck Solid Tyre  360125 
Universal Floor Machine  UNIFLO 
Vacuum Pump (Diamond Drill Rig)  DDRVP 
Vibrating Petrol Beam Unit  BSCR 
Vibrating Poker Flex - 25mm  PN1 
Vibrating Poker Flex - 50mm  PN2 
Wall Chaser  DWC - 210190 
Wallpaper Stripper 110V  WSE 
Warehouse Fan  WFAN - WF1/1 
Water Supply Unit - Diamond Drill  DDT 
Wet/Dry Vacuum Cleaner  VACT 
Wienold Superlift SLK25  360038